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Plant hanger that gives beautiful look to your hanging gardens

Do you like hanging plants at your homes? If you want beautiful hanging garden in balconies, kitchen gardens, terraces then you can buy plant hangers from us. The plant hangers are available in various colors to choose from lime yellow, dark pink, sky blue, lime yellow etc. The 14.9 inch planters are long enough and allow the plants to an accessible height. All the plant hangers are found with good quality plastic that makes it durable, long lasting and can work in all seasons. The plant hangers add to classic style and as the pot covers too much space on floor, or on the table. A plant hanger adds to more of fabulous look.

Features of Plant hangers:

Smooth finish: It adds with heavy duty steel construction and is made of solid iron with durable color finish. It helps to ensure better upkeep of plants and is certainly long lasting. The sturdy iron brackets helps to mount it easily over the wall or post. The total weight on the brackets do not exceed 5-7 kg and is best for office or home use.

Durable: The plant hangers from us are durable and adds with elegance and beauty to the home or garden. It gives a sleek look to the garden and adds with better applications. It can be fixed with screws and can also mount it on wall, fence or deck. It is ideal to hang it in living room, garage, garden or balconies.

Fashionable appearance: The plant hangers are elegant and fashionable that adds with variety of long curvaceous modeling. It gives consistent look to the garden, and is long lasting. It helps your home or garden to look beautiful.

You can purchase the affordable plant hangers from us!