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Swing chair to sit back and relax

Once in a day time or evening with the wish to do star gazing swing chair becomes an irresistible companion. Moving swiftly and in hand your favorite book or tea Swing chair makes it easy to feel dreamy. It helps to feel relax, enjoy the breeze on a lazy day when you want to feel close to nature. The swing chair are the finest way to set it at the most visible corner of balcony or in the middle of garden. It is the best thing to be a part of the private pool. The swing chair at any place of the home adds elegance and makes you feel comfortable that adds to rustic charm.

Specification of swing chair

  • Large in size and comfort:

The swing chair by us is large in size, adds to the comfort. It offers plenty of room to sit and relax. You can use super-soft cushion on it and that adds to the heavenly experience. You can put a small lighting bulb on it for night reading.

  • Safe, beautiful and sturdy:

The swing chair is beautiful, tough and sturdy in design. It adds with thick cotton ropes, premium iron rod and the hooks are strong that support good weight. The hanging hardware kit is ideal for concrete, wood ceiling as it is sturdy.

  • Natural fabric in use:

The fabric is use is made of natural coir and makes you feel comfortable to sit and enjoy. It is easy to hang up in the living room, office and bedroom. You can put it anywhere according to your comfort and wish.

  • Handcrafted swing:

Give your home a good need product that is made of 100% cotton. It has classic woven net design and adds with modern elegance to the lifestyle.