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Table runner

Table runner is a narrow piece of material that adds as a cloth and is use to decorate or divide a space. Most of the table runners are 14 to 17 inches wide although the length can vary.

Using table runner on round table: A table runner is use on round table and comes as the same as square or rectangle table. It can be place on the centre with drop over the edges. You can use two table runners which cross the centre of the table.

Table runner as two placemats

A round table for four can be set that use table runner as placement with two place settings. The same criss-crossed table runners can be used on square table with four to serve as placemats for each dinner. You could also use table runners place to provide placemats of more than four diners on rectangular or oval table by lining them up with width-wise, instead of length wise and at each of the setting.

Specification of table runner:

Home decoration: The fashionable piece as table runner works with perfect decoration and adds with life quality of home, kitchen and dining hall. It is ideal for business office and hotel. It is perfect for the daily use and is good match with any types of dark wood table. It comes an ideal pair with wooden farmhouse table and brown dining table. It is ideal for barbecue or to be kept under the coffee maker and even the patio.

It is done with great craftsmanship and is easy to clean. It is value for money product and is heat resistance too.

Material quality:  The material use in the table runner are simple but classic in design. It is made of best materials, durable and easy to cut, bend.